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Freeyani was founded in the year 2020, to deliver real, authentic and tasty biryani to its customers. Freeyani, was started by Mrs.Susanna and through sheer hard work and an uncompromising attitude towards quality and service, the brand has been built to become one of Chennai most popular biryani restaurants.

There is no secret of cooking. Anyone can cook. But does everyone cook good? NO.

Secret of good cooking is understanding it first. You have to understand every ingredients that you are using first. Understand it’s flavor profile, textural changes, a texture that it gives to your product. Then you need to understand how to use it. Try to understand how to build layers of flavors. There’s always a reason why you use certain ingredient and how you use it. For instance, finish your food with lemon/lime juice instead of cooking with it. Acid tends to turn bitter when cooked on heat. So finishing with acid just brings the whole dish together and it cuts the heat and richness of food.

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