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About Freeyani

Freeyani was founded in the year 2020, to deliver real, authentic and tasty biryani to its customers. Freeyani, was started by Mrs.Susanna and through sheer hard work and an uncompromising attitude towards quality and service, the brand has been built to become one of Chennai most popular biryani restaurants.

There is no secret of cooking. Anyone can cook. But does everyone cook good? NO.

Secret of good cooking is understanding it first. You have to understand every ingredients that you are using first. Understand it’s flavour profile, textural changes, a texture that it gives to your product. Then you need to understand how to use it. Try to understand how to build layers of flavours. There’s always a reason why you use certain ingredient and how you use it. For instance, finish your food with lemon/lime juice instead of cooking with it. Acid tends to turn bitter when cooked on heat. So finishing with acid just brings the whole dish together and it cuts the heat and richness of food.

Similarly, finishing food with butter gives it body and gloss but cooking with butter will result in butter broken in to clarified butter and and some milk solids and fats. A waste.

All chillies have different levels of heat. How hot is your chilli? Different salts have different levels of saltiness. Kosher salt, pink salt, black salt, smoked salt, flavoured salt, Himalayan salt, Maldon salt, sea salt, rock salt and so on.

Use good quality ingredients and treat them with respect. A good quality sirloin cooked well done is just a shame. It’s a disgrace to the ingredient. DO NOT COOK IT MORE THAN MEDIUM. A fresh chicken or lamb or spinach or okra just can’t be replaced with their frozen counterparts. Canned tomatoes and fresh tomatoes will give you different results.

Herbs is one of the best things ever happened to human being. Use them. Coriander, parsley, tarragon, thyme, oregano and lot of other herbs are just divine. They take food to another level.

Try to incorporate all the elements in your food. Protein, fats, acid, heat, sweetness, saltiness, textural component and a herbal note. Season food every step of your way as you go; not always at end.

Try to cook with seasons. Different Ingredients are at their best at different times of year. What is best this week of summer would be different from what’s best next week. Research seasonal ingredients around your house/block/village/town/city/district/county/state/country and use them wisely.

A whole book could be written on this topic. If you understand all this, then secret of good cooking is just a common sense. It’s not a rocket science.

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